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Your Preferred Healthcare Provider

Welcome and thank you for considering Benner Pike Chiropractic Clinic of Bellefonte, PA for your Chiropractic care. Our office has been providing quality Chiropractic care for over 37 years to central PA and outlying areas.


The Benner Pike Chiropractic Clinic utilizes the Gonstead System of Chiropractic. The Gonstead System is an extensively researched, safe and specific, full spine approach to Chiropractic developed to fit each patient's individual needs. Our thorough Chiropractors take the time to listen to you and will not skip any steps in providing you with the care necessary to help you reach your best possible health.

All of us like to live healthier, pain-free lives but sometimes life gives us a few hurdles to jump. Our clinic handles your health needs from acute pain to general wellness and healthy living. Whether you need help after experiencing a trauma (auto accidents and falls), have an overuse injury (tendonitis or bursitis), have chronic problems (degenerative disc disease), or just want to maintain your current health level (wellness) our clinic will do our best to give you all your Chiropractic needs.

At Benner Pike Chiropractic Clinic, our vision is to provide a positive and caring environment, serve our patients with the best Chiropractic care possible, while striving towards excellence each day. Our goal is to help each patient with their particular health symptom, return their body to the best state of health possible, and help them achieve their fullest potential.

Allow us to be your "Chiropractic Team" and start feeling better today.


We believe in caring for the whole body rather than addressing only an injury or medical issue in isolation. That’s why we offer an extensive range of services to help improve your overall health. Read on to find out more.


At Benner Pike Chiropractic Clinic, we hear your story and take a detailed note of your medical history. From there we create an individualized care plan aimed at achieving the functional goals we set together.

Our approach at Benner Pike Chiropractic Clinic is to care for the whole body, not just an isolated injury. We offer a variety of personalized, one-on-one office visits to ensure our patients’ long-term health and wellness.



Our goals at Benner Pike Chiropractic Clinic is to restore your health to its highest potential, keep you moving and make sure your care is effective, efficient, and as stress-free as possible. Throughout the years, we came up with new and advanced methods in order to offer you the highest standards of patient care. Take care of your body — book your next appointment with us today.


2820 Benner Pike, Bellefonte, PA 16823

(814) 355-1119

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